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real time forex news and technical analysis

Bitcoin becomes another Corona casualty

News by Newsroom on 21:14 EST March 12, 2020
Bitcoin Price Crashes 25% in 1 Hour Below $4,500 in Coronavirus Panic.

Australia’s central bank cuts rates amid virus fears

News by Newsroom on 00:47 EST March 03, 2020
The RBA, Australia’s central bank has cut interest rates to record lows on Tuesday in what is expected to be the first in a spate of policy stimulus around the world to fight the economic fallout from the coronavirus.

[TECHNICAL ANALYSIS] Silver starts an uptrend

Tech analysis by Newsroom on 16:48 EST January 07, 2020
The precious metal has broken long term resistances and the probability of further gains is high.

Gold technical analysis, the uptrend prevails

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 18:29 EST December 25, 2019
Gold has stagnated for the past weeks but, as a Christmas gift, it ended the slumber and shot up more than $25/oz in a single day.

Australian dollar showing weakness at key resistance

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 10:43 EST April 18, 2019
The Australian dollar has been appreciating since the beginning of the year but this may be coming to an end.

Canada adds 66,800 jobs in January but unemployment rate rises

News by Newsroom on 09:10 EST February 08, 2019

Canada added 66,800 jobs in January, widely exceeding market expectations, altough the unemployment climbed to 5.

Gold will shine in 2019

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 10:54 EST January 02, 2019
Technical analysis warns of renewed strength for the metal.

New Zealand unemployment drops to decade low

News by Newsroom on 22:52 EST November 06, 2018

New Zealand's unemployment rate has dropped to 3.

Are gold and silver finally coming back?

News by Allie Longford on 23:23 EST Octuber 17, 2018
It is proving a difficult decade for precious metals but this may be coming to an end.

Australian Dollar lower on soft CPI

News by Newsroom on 03:29 EST July 25, 2018

Headline CPI came  below economists’ forecasts but still made into the RBA’s 2-3% target range for the first time in over a year.

NZ manufacturing activity slows to its weakest in 6 months

News by Newsroom on 20:21 EST July 12, 2018
Manufacturing activity in New Zealand expanded at the slowest rate in six months in June, a survey showed on Friday as the employment index contracted for a second straight month and the .

Bank of Canada raises key interest rate

News by Newsroom on 10:13 EST July 11, 2018

The Bank of Canada is raising its overnight rate target by a quarter of a percentage point to 1.

Trump tariffs hit risk appetite

News by Newsroom on 03:35 EST July 11, 2018

A risk off session across the financial markets in Asia on Wednesday morning amid a round of fresh threats by the Trump administration to impose additional tariffs on $ 200 billion Chinese imports.

Gold remains subdued as US job report misses mark

News by Newsroom on 17:25 EST July 10, 2018

Gold made some humble advances in the Tuesday session.

Canada housing starts lower than expected in June

News by Newsroom on 08:39 EST July 10, 2018

The trend in housing starts was 222,041 units in June 2018, compared to 216,701 units in May 2018, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) while 210.

Canada economy adds more jobs but unemployment rate rises

News by Newsroom on 09:14 EST July 06, 2018

A similar story than the NFP report in the US.

Oil bounced from weekly support last week

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 06:31 EST June 25, 2018
After the OPEC agreement at the end of last week WTI oil ramped up by more than 2% in a session to climb near the $70 a barrel mark.

Another central bank rises its key rate

News by Newsroom on 10:23 EST January 17, 2018
The Bank of Canada hiked overnight rates by a +25 bps to +1.

Canadian dollar to continue its decline

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 05:56 EST November 28, 2017
USDCAD has set a short term double bottom in the 1.

Canada annual inflation Slowed in October

News by Newsroom on 10:03 EST November 17, 2017
Canada's consumer-price index rose 1.

Kiwi on demand after RBNZ considers new government policies "uncertain"

News by Newsroom on 18:07 EST November 08, 2017
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand said on Thursday that the impact of the policies of the new Labour-led government was "very uncertain," but that the prospect of greater fiscal stimulus led the bank to sound upbeat on growth going forward.

Australian dollar poised for another wave down

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 21:08 EST November 05, 2017
The dollar continues to show signs of strength across the board and it appears on the verge of starting another leg up.

Commodity currencies dominate in the Currency heatmap chart

News by Simon Kazinsky on 00:21 EST June 22, 2017
The trident of kiwi, aussie and loonie dominate the table this week.

Aussie slightly lower after RBA leaves key rate at historic low

News by Newsroom on 00:36 EST April 04, 2017
The Australian Central Bank left on Tuesday its base rate unchanged, as expected, at 1.

Annual inflation weaker than expected makes the dollar sink

News by Newsroom on 19:54 EST January 24, 2017
The last quarter of 2016 saw inflation weaker than previously anticipated amid a slump in the price of health care, transport and communications according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report released on Wednesday.

Gold continues climbing higher

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 09:30 EST January 18, 2017
Gold trades on the second week of January well above the $1,200/oz handle.

Markets quiet but oil and the Aussie strong on Tuesday

News by Newsroom on 20:44 EST December 20, 2016
The Australian dollar is the strongest currency against a basket of major currencies at the end of Tuesday.

Canadian wholesale sales rise

News by Newsroom on 20:40 EST December 20, 2016
Canadian wholesale sales rose by 1.

Gold bounces from critical support

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 15:43 EST December 19, 2016
After dropping like a stone for the past months against the all mighty US dollar the metal has gained so far almost $20/oz from its most recent low in Dec 15 at $1123.

Australia: consumer confidence plunges while business conditions lowest in 19 months

News by Newsroom on 21:04 EST December 12, 2016
Trading conditions for Australian businesses fell to the lowest level seen in almost two years in November, raising further concerns about the underlying strength in the economy.