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What is the percentage of traders that lose money in the forex market

EURUSD Article by Allie Longford on 23:27 November 27, 2018 EST

With the most recent EU regulations applying to retail brokers we are now able to access this valuable data.

It has been always known that the vast majority of those who venture to enter the market ends up with less money than when they started, however the actual percentage was something that brokers would never disclose.

Here is a brief list of some of the most popular CFD / Forex brokers and the percentage of their clients that LOSE money trading.

Oanda: 77%
CMC Markets: 78%
FXCM: 79.79%
FX Pro: 79%
Tickmill: 81%
IG: 79%
Etoro: 65%

If you are a regular Forex Status reader you may have noticed we closely follow retail trader positioning for each instrument for which we produce a technical analysis to add confidence to our bias. Usually, if most traders are positioned long our bias will tend to be short and viceversa for such instrument.

Trading is nothing like the ads brokers run to lure you into opening an account and make your initial deposit and requires good knowledge of the market and of yourself.

Please make sure that you have good reasons to believe that you can trade better than 8 out 10 traders before considering placing your bets.