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Deflation ensured as even food costs plunged

News by Newsroom on 10:15 EST July 10, 2020

US wholesale prices dropped 0.

S&P 500 technical analysis, looking at the past to foresee what is coming next

News by Simon Kazinsky on 16:06 EST May 21, 2020
We are still at the start of a bear market.

The virus is only the pin that pricks the bubble

News by Allie Longford on 02:42 EST March 10, 2020
Many analysts are arguing that the Coronavirus is making the financial markets overreact and while .

Another record: China's factory activity posts largest contraction as coronavirus bites

News by Newsroom on 14:56 EST February 29, 2020

The purchasing managers' index (PMI) for China's manufacturing sector stood at 35.

Technical Analsys - Where is the stock market going to find some support?

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 05:26 EST February 26, 2020
It's been a heck of a week so far and there are 3 trading days ahead of it yet, but where or when is this sharp downtrend going to end? .

Overconfident stocks get another blow on Tuesday

News by Newsroom on 19:12 EST February 25, 2020
Following Monday's session, the worst single day in 2 years for stocks, the hammering continues today.

Stock market plunges on coronavirus fears, Apple hit the most

News by Newsroom on 18:45 EST February 24, 2020
The major stock averages hit their session lows in early afternoon on Monday trading as coronavirus fears continue to dent investor sentiment.

Uber shares tumble 5% on $1.16 billion quarterly loss

News by Newsroom on 21:18 EST November 04, 2019
Uber Technologies Inc.

Technical analysis - Are stocks finally reaching a top

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 21:27 EST Octuber 13, 2019
News outlets are playing the recession drums but, are stocks replicating this sentiment? .

Wedges are gonna wedge

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 11:12 EST May 02, 2019
The Standard and Poors 500 index has been developing a nice ascending wedge since reaching the 2800 level in mid February.

Because technical analysis don't work

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 14:22 EST February 21, 2019
The SP500 index has tested for fourth time the upper side of the trend channel.

This is were we are in this bubble cycle

News by Newsroom on 10:02 EST February 07, 2019
It is now eleven years since the US and all main major markets found a bottom after the last financial crisis.

The US stock market may see a temporary rebound

News by Simon Kazinsky on 09:36 EST December 16, 2018
The main US indices are approaching an important support that may give temporary relief to an otherwise clear downtrend for the american stock market.

Take a quick look at how your local stock market is sinking

News by Allie Longford on 12:07 EST December 06, 2018
Here is a list of the main stock markets around the world and how fast they are crashing as the first week of December brings extreme weakness across the board.

Retail traders going long on the US stock market

News by Simon Kazinsky on 07:53 EST Octuber 11, 2018
Just as the market starts to finally provide proper signals of weakness and breaking important medium term supports retail traders venture themselves into catching a falling knife, fighting the strong trend and picking a bottom.

Tesla down 6 per cent on the day as Musk makes a fool of himself on YouTube

News by Newsroom on 10:05 EST September 07, 2018
Another day of concern for Tesla shareholders as their shares plummet on Friday early trading by more than 6% after Elon Musk appeared on a youtube channel talking about its company's merchandise, artificial intelligence and other topics while drinking whisky and apparently smoking grass.

Netflix the first of the FANGs to fall below long term support

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 10:35 EST August 20, 2018
Not so great news on the last set of reports for Netflix seem to have been the catalyst for the current decline in its share price.

U.S. Jobless claims tick higher

News by Newsroom on 09:12 EST August 02, 2018

Initial jobless claims in the US rose to a seasonally adjusted 218,000 in the week ended July 28 from 217,000 in the prior week, the Labor Department said Thursday.

U.S. consumer sentiment better than expected while stocks slide

News by Newsroom on 10:34 EST July 27, 2018

Consumer sentiment in the U.

Stocks enjoy longest stretch of gains since January as US GDP above 4 per cent

News by Newsroom on 09:26 EST July 27, 2018

Real gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 4.

Facebook enters bear market but the chart is still in an uptrend

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 13:15 EST July 26, 2018
Facebook has dropped more than 20% in just a few hours following the release of its last quarter report.

Apple needs to show weakness for both bulls and bears

Tech analysis by Newsroom on 12:47 EST July 26, 2018
The tech giant is still making new highs on a weekly basis and among the FANGs remains the strongest.

Stocks have best day in a month with financials and industrials leading the rally

News by Newsroom on 17:16 EST July 09, 2018

The Dow turned positive for 2018 on Monday, and is now up about 0.

The stock market soared last week, what is next?

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 09:08 EST July 09, 2018
As per previous technical analysis I am not convinced yet that it is the time short stocks.

The stock market could tank soon

News by Simon Kazinsky on 06:55 EST June 25, 2018
We are still awaiting for the current ascend to start giving signs of weakness.

The US home market softens

News by Newsroom on 11:32 EST May 24, 2018
The National Association of Realtors said Thursday existing-home sales were, seasonally adjusted, at an annual rate of 5.

Still awaiting for a sell signal

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 12:36 EST May 17, 2018
I reported on my previous technical analysis for the Standard and Poors 500 index more than a month ago I expected tail winds for the index after bouncing from support.

Standard and Poors 500 technical analysis, calm before the storm

News by Simon Kazinsky on 10:46 EST April 09, 2018
The Standard and Poors 500 index is refusing to drop below the 2,600 mark.

Facebook below key multi year support

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 12:07 EST March 20, 2018
Facebook shares fall another 4% on Tuesday trading.

Tariffs on steel, a further sign of global overcapacity

News by Newsroom on 02:51 EST March 07, 2018
Funny how war doldrums come and go in the US in an orderly fashion.