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real time forex news and technical analysis

Technical analysis, get ready for the big bounce on the dollar

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 20:33 EST July 21, 2020
Contrary to the predominant view among forex analysts the dollar is ready to bounce any minute now.

Business optimism falls to great recession levels says Bank of Canada

News by Newsroom on 15:05 EST July 08, 2020

Canadian business sentiment is still dropping, despite a partial re-opening of the economy.

New York unemployment not abating, a million jobless workers

News by Newsroom on 08:14 EST July 08, 2020

The city  began a new phase, allowing personal-care services like nail salons and some outdoor recreation to resume.

U.S. Dollar higher as virus cases increase

News by Newsroom on 12:28 EST July 07, 2020
dollar strengthened against its major counterparts in the European session on Tuesday amid safe-haven status, as a spike in coronavirus cases in some U.

Euro zone April industrial output plunge deepest on record

News by Newsroom on 05:29 EST June 12, 2020

Euro zone industrial output posted its deepest decline on record in April as coronavirus lockdowns shut down economic activity across the single currency bloc, data from the European Union’s statistics office Eurostat showed on Friday.

Unemployment claims up by 1.5 million last week, despite jobs gains in May

News by Newsroom on 10:48 EST June 11, 2020

The numbers indicate that some Americans are still being pushed out of work nearly three months into the pandemic.

FOMC leaves policy rate unchanged, sees economy shrinking 6.5%

News by Newsroom on 14:09 EST June 10, 2020

The U.

No inflation despite the new money from the FED being funneled to the stock market

News by Allie Longford on 10:03 EST June 10, 2020

The truth is that if money does not circulate, no matter how much the monetary base is increased deflation is ensured.

The dollar is at this time the ultimate safe haven

Article by Simon Kazinsky on 19:30 EST May 25, 2020
A wealth of analysts, influencers, youtubers are predicating the end of the dollar.


News by Newsroom on 17:20 EST March 15, 2020
The Federal Reserve in a new bid to save the U.

Here comes the FED with half a point rate cut, but hasn't impressed markets anyway

News by Newsroom on 12:00 EST March 03, 2020

The Federal Reserve announced Tuesday that it has cut interest rates by half a percentage point in an effort to boost the U.

US dollar beats all other fiat currencies

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 15:25 EST February 22, 2020
The US dollar is set to finish the month in the black, continuing the trend started at the start of the year.

Stocks slide as US base under Iranian attack in the Middle East

News by Newsroom on 18:38 EST January 07, 2020
The Standard and Poors 500 lost 50 points in less than an hour as reports of a US military base being under attack with missiles in Irak.

U.S. Dollar supported by inflation data

News by Newsroom on 11:16 EST November 13, 2019

The Dollar built on earlier gains Wednesday after inflation figures surprised on the upside for the month of October and as investors grew uneased over White House trade policy in the wake of President Donald Trump's speech to The Economic Club of New York.

Dollar resume gains across the board

News by Newsroom on 17:00 EST November 04, 2019

The dollar index rose on Monday, after five straight days of losses, with investors more guarded despite increased risk appetite that helped U.

German manufacturing stuck in recession while factory job losses at 10 year high

News by Newsroom on 04:06 EST November 04, 2019

Germany’s manufacturing sector remained stuck in recession in October as new orders fell for the 13th month running and factories slashed jobs at the fastest pace in almost 10 years, a survey showed on Monday.

Bitcoin being dumped again, the demise increasingly near

Article by Allie Longford on 15:07 EST Octuber 24, 2019
The most senior of all crypto currencies continues to sink this week and trades below $7,500.

US weak Inflation sends dollar down and stock futures up

News by Newsroom on 10:45 EST Octuber 10, 2019

Collapsing energy costs kept US consumer steady last month according to government data released today.

Futures and the dollar higher after mixed Non farm payrolls - here is the data

News by Newsroom on 08:36 EST Octuber 04, 2019
Fewer than anticipated jobs created in September.

Stocks weaker after US manufacturing confirms steep slowdown

News by Allie Longford on 10:12 EST Octuber 01, 2019
The S&P500 index lost 20 points right after the ISM Manufacturing fell to 47.

[Technical analysis] EURUSD could accelerate loses in October

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 19:29 EST September 27, 2019
The dollar holds a lot of momentum while the Euro remains weak against most of the main world's currencies and now that the short term rally wanes we could see the downtrend getting legs.

Not that many jobs created in the US in July but inline with expectation, NFP is out

News by Newsroom on 08:34 EST August 02, 2019
164,000 new jobs created in line with expectations below the 214,000 the previous month, unemployment rate remains at 3.

Federal Reserve chairman signals cut in US interest rates

News by Allie Longford on 10:41 EST July 10, 2019

The dollar took a dive against a basket of currencies and the major share indexes opened higher after Fed Chairman Powell's prepared remarks ahead of his testimony whil  2-year yields dropping 7bps in the 5 minutes since the release.

Federal Reserve holds rates but signals cuts possible later this year

News by Allie Longford on 14:45 EST June 19, 2019
The US Federal Reserve held interest rates steady on Wednesday (Jun 19) but signalled possible rate cuts of as much as half a percentage point before year end in response to economic uncertainty and a drop in expected inflation.

EURUSD falls as predicted by technical analysis

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 12:24 EST June 14, 2019
Can't ask for more.

Bullard says Fed may cut rates if inflation keeps disappointing

News by Newsroom on 12:50 EST May 22, 2019

James Bullard, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis said on Wednesday that further weakness in inflation could prompt the U.

Dollar reigns as the European powerhouse sends gloomy signal

News by Newsroom on 09:20 EST April 24, 2019

German business sentiment deteriorated in April as the mood among manufacturers "worsened markedly," the Ifo Institute said Wednesday, dampening expectations of an impending pickup in Europe's largest economy.

Euro declining as manufacturing in a slippery slope in Germany

News by Newsroom on 10:29 EST April 18, 2019

EUR/USD extended on Thursday  its falls after US retail sales beat expectations with 1.

US retail sales post biggest gain in 18 months

News by Newsroom on 10:23 EST April 18, 2019

The Commerce Department said on Thursday retail sales surged by an impressive 1.

EURUSD and the resistance rejection we have been waiting for

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 05:31 EST March 22, 2019
When one is looking at a weekly chart things can move pretty slow, particularly if the instrument is in a consolidation stage.