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[HILARIOUS] Watch this BBC reporter describing 2018 bright economic conditions right before the dot com crash in 2000

EURUSD News by Newsroom on 13:48 September 22, 2018 EST

They say history does not repeat but it rhymes however there are some lyrics in this song that are, simply put, an identical copy.

In this short clip from right before the year 2000 dot com bubble burst that took US stock indices 50% down in less than a couple of short years BBC business journalist Richard Quest summarizes:

"You have to be perverse to say the market is going to crash. It may correct, it may have a major correction, but with low inflation, low unemployment, low interest rates, strong corporate earnings, I would be a certifiable lunatic if I said the market was going to crash."

After a few hilarious seconds the business journalist pinpoints the epicenter of this bonanza on the internet revolution.

Sounds this rhetoric familiar?

Richard Quest currently works, perhaps unsurprisingly, for the CNN news network who some refer to as a fake news network.