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Euro lower as the end of the Merkel era looms in the horizon

EURUSD News by Allie Longford on 09:42 November 20, 2017 EST
The Euro trades slightly lower against most of its counterparts at the beginning of the week as trouble emerges in Germany.

Negotiations failed last night after 15 hours of meetings in Berlin and well into the night. The talks had to be adjourned to Tuesday. Forming a government with groups as far apart as the left-leaning Greens and Bavaria's social conservatives is proving not to be easy.

The biggest point of disagreement for Angela Merkel's three-way coalition remains migration, with so far unavoidable differences over how flexible to be in allowing family members to join refugees already living in Germany after the mass arrivals over the past years.

No one wants however early elections, from which the right wing AfD is expected to make gains, so the mainstream parties may start coming to an understanding.

The new deadline to form an agreement appears to be this coming weekend.