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Big news but quiet markets aside of the pound weakness

GBPUSD News by Allie Longford on 15:35 November 02, 2017 EST
Quiet day in terms of overall volability, these are the latest prices and moves for EURUSD, SPX, Gold and other major currencies and indices.

Overall, AUD is the strongest currency against a basket of major currencies at the end of this session. In turn, GBP is the weakest across the board.

Trump's tax plan was unveiled on Thursday and the Bank of England delivered its first rate hike in 10 years increasing the central bank's base rate to 0.5%.

However, stock markets and currencies did not react much to these events. The pound lost a cent versus the dollar in an abrupt move immediately after the BoE announcement.

The EURUGBP that was sitting barely above its ascending trendline profitted from the pound weakness and rose by 1.18%, GBPUSD dropped by 1.13%.

The Aussie was stronger than it has been lately and gained 0.25% against the dollar.