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Oil bounced from weekly support last week

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 06:31 EST June 25, 2018
After the OPEC agreement at the end of last week WTI oil ramped up by more than 2% in a session to climb near the $70 a barrel mark.

Oil prices continue their way down

News by Simon Kazinsky on 07:17 EST March 09, 2017
WTI crude oil trades now below $50 and around 9% lower than last week.

Oil spikes higher again as production cuts come into play

News by Newsroom on 08:53 EST January 03, 2017
Oil is rallying on Tuesday by more than 2% as the first days of the year see the enforcement of the production cuts previously agreed by the OPEC.

Markets quiet but oil and the Aussie strong on Tuesday

News by Newsroom on 20:44 EST December 20, 2016
The Australian dollar is the strongest currency against a basket of major currencies at the end of Tuesday.

CADJPY is the strongest, US Oil the weakest after the close on quiet day

News by Newsroom on 21:40 EST December 12, 2016
Quick look at prices for the main currency pairs, commodities and indices at the end of the session.

The trend is up for oil

News by Simon Kazinsky on 04:33 EST December 01, 2016
Oil has gained around 10% in less than 24 hours after the OPEC agreed on Wednesday to cut production for first time in eight years.

Euro, gold and oil pop and stocks down as first estates produce results

News by Allie Longford on 19:18 EST November 08, 2016
EURUSD pops 30 pips while gold gains $10/oz and oil push higher as first results start to come in.

Gold, silver and oil up on Tuesday morning

News by Newsroom on 05:29 EST Octuber 25, 2016
Commodities and commodity linked currencies are shinning on Tuesday morning trading.

Big moves in the market, US Oil madness

News by Newsroom on 15:36 EST Octuber 07, 2016
Very busy session with lots of volatility, here are the latest prices for the main forex and indices.

Gold and stocks sink on Tuesday while oil remains robust

News by Allie Longford on 15:07 EST Octuber 04, 2016
Big moves in the market on the second day of the week.

Oil pops as OPEC trims production

News by Newsroom on 19:48 EST September 28, 2016
OPEC has agreed on Wednesday to cut its oil output for the first time since 2008, following a capitulation by Saudi Arabia, which was forced to soften its stance on rival Iran amid mounting pressure from low oil prices.

Oil dips as inventory rises

News by Newsroom on 11:09 EST August 31, 2016
Oil prices tumbled 2 percent on Wednesday after data showed a large build in U.

Gold and silver start the week extremely well while oil remains weak

News by Newsroom on 14:55 EST July 04, 2016
Quiet Monday session as the US market remains closed for Independence day.

British pound and stocks strong but oil suffering

News by Allie Longford on 12:57 EST May 25, 2016
Quick look at prices for the main currency pairs, commodities and indices halfway the US session.

Oil makes a come back and Kiwi strong on Wednesday

News by Newsroom on 13:24 EST May 11, 2016
After a disastrous beginning of the week the black stuff recovers and climbs more than 4% in a single session against the US dollar.

Biggest winner: US Oil

News by Newsroom on 13:08 EST May 11, 2016
US Oil has made terrific advances today during the London session with a gain of 4.

Oil comes down once again on Monday

News by Newsroom on 12:28 EST May 09, 2016
This is a round up of the moves on the main currencies and indices.

Volatility in the markets, US Oil the most volatile

News by Newsroom on 12:12 EST May 09, 2016
Volatile session in the markets, with being the most volatitle.

Oil having a misserable day while sterling rebounds

News by Newsroom on 12:18 EST February 02, 2016
Oil extends losses today after falling below $30 a barrel.

US Oil having a miserable day

News by Newsroom on 12:11 EST February 02, 2016
At the end of the session US Oil is the big loser.

Oil continues crashing unable to find a multi year low

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 07:19 EST December 14, 2015
WTI is now below $35 per barrel and price has gone below the lower trendline that had cotained previous drops on the price of the commodity.

US Oil killing it

News by Newsroom on 14:13 EST August 20, 2015
US Oil enjoys the session.

Oil capitulates and sets a six year low

News by Newsroom on 01:21 EST August 14, 2015
US oil fell on Thursday to as low as $39.

Oil off the cliff while euro keeps strong

News by Newsroom on 09:10 EST August 11, 2015
Oil keeps getting closer to setting a new multi year low at the start of the american session.

US Oil is off the cliff

News by Newsroom on 09:04 EST August 11, 2015
US Oil has made a big loss today during the session with a decline of -1.

OIl in free fall again

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 11:39 EST July 07, 2015
Commodities are being hammered on Tuesday and oil is not an exception.

Biggest loser: US Oil

News by Newsroom on 14:40 EST June 04, 2015
US Oil not enjoying the session.

The factors contributing to the oil boom at the end of the week

News by Newsroom on 14:07 EST May 29, 2015
Oil is on free rise after Bloomberg reports Opec will not export higher oil output as domestic needs grow.

Oil makes a come back

News by Newsroom on 12:44 EST May 21, 2015
After breaking below an important mid term support yesterday the commodity makes a come back today by rising more than 2.

US Oil killing it

News by Newsroom on 12:41 EST May 21, 2015
At the end of the session US Oil is the big winner.