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Nothing is able to lift the British pound

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 12:18 EST November 26, 2018
The pound remains in a solid downward spiral and not even good news appear to help.

The UK did not grow in September

News by Newsroom on 08:00 EST November 09, 2018

The UK GDP first estimate showed growth  at 0.

UK House price inflation slowest in 5 years

News by Newsroom on 05:12 EST November 07, 2018

According to a survey data from IHS Markit and Lloyds Banking Group PLC unit Halifax released on Wednesday on a month-on-month basis, house prices rose 0.

Pound steady after dissapointing retail sales

News by Newsroom on 06:38 EST Octuber 18, 2018

According to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), UK retail sales growth contracted 0.

Pound unchanged as BoE leaves interest rate unchanged

News by Newsroom on 07:03 EST September 13, 2018
The pound trades just above 1.

What does a rotting currency do when its central bank announces the highest rate in a decade?

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 06:14 EST August 03, 2018
The Bank of England, dragged by decisions taken by other major central banks in recent months, rose its key interest rate to 0.

Bank of England raises rates above crisis lows

News by Newsroom on 09:05 EST August 02, 2018

The Bank of England pushed interest rates above their financial crisis lows on Thursday, but also signaled it was in no hurry to raise them further as uncertainty about Brexit prevails.

UK manufacturing PMI falls to three-month low

News by Newsroom on 05:18 EST August 01, 2018

The UK manufacturing sector grew at the slowest pace in three months in July, according to research firm IHS Markit latest report released on Wednesday.

British households are spending more than they earn for first time in 30 years

News by Newsroom on 10:36 EST July 30, 2018
Credit card lending has been growing faster than other loans for the past six months, with consumer credit and mortgage lending both rising in June, according to the latest figures from the Bank of England.

UK Manufacturing and Industrial Data Disappoint

News by Newsroom on 05:34 EST July 10, 2018

UK manufacturing production rose by 0.

Pound higher as political crisis in the UK leads to the resignation of Brexist minister

News by Newsroom on 08:15 EST July 09, 2018

The pound is testing 3 weeks highs against the US dollar on Monday morning currently trading at 1.

UK house prices remains flat in June

News by Newsroom on 04:07 EST July 06, 2018

House prices in the second quarter were 1,8% higher than the a year ago, a dash lower than the 1,9% growth seen in May, according to the latest data from Halifax.

GBP recovers as Services PMI makes a BoE interest rate rise more likely

News by Allie Longford on 19:43 EST July 05, 2018

The Pound was not weak as usual on Wednesday as markets digested the release of the UK’s latest Services PMI.

Opening the window and throwing bank notes onto the street appear a better investment idea

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 11:29 EST May 18, 2018
The dollar is strong against all major currencies.

British pound mini flash crash after weak inflation data

News by Newsroom on 04:51 EST April 18, 2018
Sterling dropped abruptly on Wednesday morning after data on UK inflation came in substantially below market estimates.

Pound slides after UK factory output drops in February for first time in almost a year

News by Newsroom on 05:44 EST April 11, 2018
British manufacturing output fell unexpectedly in February, its first drop in almost a year, according to official figures adding to the mounting evidence that the economy may have slowed in the first quarter.

Dismal retail sales in the UK over the Christmas period

News by Newsroom on 05:32 EST January 19, 2018
British shop sales were way worse than expected in December.

Chickens come home to roost. UK House prices falling sharply in December

News by Allie Longford on 08:06 EST January 08, 2018
Macro factors, Brexit and the UK government war on the private rental sector start to take a toll on UK house prices.

Pound dips despite UK manufacturing at its best in four years

News by Newsroom on 06:06 EST December 01, 2017
The UK's manufacturing sector rose by most in four years in November according to the IHS Markit's purchasing managers' index (PMI) for the manufacturing sector jumped to 58.

British banks can endure shocks BoE says (despite half of them being on government support)

News by Allie Longford on 05:33 EST November 28, 2017
Britain's largest banks can withstand a series of economic shocks, including a no-deal Brexit scneario, the Bank of England said Tuesday.

UK government slashes growth forecast for next year

News by Newsroom on 08:53 EST November 22, 2017
Headlines of Philip Hammond's Autumn 2017 Budget revealed on Wednesday morning: .

UK manufacturing orders best since the 80s

News by Allie Longford on 07:33 EST November 21, 2017
The UK manufacturing industry has reported on Tuesday its strongest total orders since August 1988.

UK employment fell by most in more than two years and wages lag inflation

News by Newsroom on 05:06 EST November 15, 2017
UK employment fell in the third quarter to 32 million people, down by 14,000 from the previous quarter.

U.K. construction posts worst decline in five years

News by Newsroom on 05:48 EST November 10, 2017
For two quarters in a row the UK construction sector has been in declined figures from the Office for National Statistics released on Friday show.

The pound is ready to dive once again

Tech analysis by Simon Kazinsky on 09:52 EST November 06, 2017
The pound remains weak against most of its major counterparts and certainly versus both the US dollar and the Euro.

Big news but quiet markets aside of the pound weakness

News by Allie Longford on 15:35 EST November 02, 2017
Quiet day in terms of overall volability, these are the latest prices and moves for EURUSD, SPX, Gold and other major currencies and indices.

Bank of England increases interest rate for first time in almost a decade and pound falls sharply

News by Newsroom on 08:14 EST November 02, 2017
The BoE sets the rate at 0.

UK unable to grow despite stimulus and a sinking pound

News by Allie Longford on 05:44 EST July 26, 2017
The latest GDP figures released on Wednesday by the ONS indicate the UK remains unable to grow in a significant manner.

UK Inflation at its highest in five years

News by Newsroom on 04:59 EST June 13, 2017
The UK consumer prices ticked up in May to an annualized 2.

Pound could gain with hung parliament according to JPMorgan

News by Newsroom on 05:04 EST June 09, 2017
A hung parliament in the UK’s upcoming general election could prove good news for the pound if it leads to a centre-left coalition that pursues a “softer” Brexit, according to strategists at JPMorgan.